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PAVA’s differentiation in the rapidly expanding aesthetic and vitality MSO marketplace is that we can best our competitors in business-affiliate value creation through an innovative approach to leveraging a thoughtful pre-sale consolidation process with a lower-cost step-mediated MSO administrative integration plan that offers more risk-mitigation relative to autonomy & brand preservation, while also maximizing affiliate owner value creation. A higher sale multiple is industry standard for platforms that enter the sales process with the relative scarcity value of being a collectively larger entity & containing more EBITDA, which ultimately trickles down to each of our affiliated owners during the most meaningful initial liquidity event. We can help you achieve this higher enterprise monetization potential by combining both an experienced management team & reputable industry/physician leaders with more mature business owners that have already demonstrated a proven historical track record of established independent success AND by demonstrating prior to finding a financial sponsor that future affiliations can also achieve the same repeatable & scalable success that our affiliates have by harvesting individual revenue & cost-saving synergies in each of our affiliated businesses through a combination of best-in-class training programs, relative standardization of employee compensation & incentive plans, meaningful improvements in COGS & critical vendor pricing, and the addition/optimization of current service line offerings in both aesthetics & vitality.

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At PAVA, we stand out by employing an innovative approach to pre-sale consolidation and a step-mediated MSO administrative integration plan. Our goal is to maximize affiliate owner value creation, providing a unique blend of autonomy, brand preservation, and risk mitigation.

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Strategic Affiliation Approach:

Our thoughtful pre-sale consolidation process ensures a lower-cost step-mediated administrative integration plan, setting us apart in the marketplace.

Maximizing Enterprise Monetization:

We believe in achieving a higher sale multiple by entering the sales process as a collectively larger entity, offering more EBITDA and scarcity value. This ultimately benefits each of our affiliated owners during the crucial initial liquidity event.