Getting Most out of Your Washing Machine

Getting Most out of Your Washing Machine

washing-machine11If you look around your house, there will be numerous small and big appliances, all of them add convenience and comfort to your life by one way or another. Out of all these, washing machine is one such equipment which saves you a lot of time. It can easily be said it is one of the most hard working appliance inside your home.

Washing machines come in different shapes and sizes and most of them are very expensive to buy. Because of their big price tag, it becomes important to take good care of them so that they don’t develop some fault any time sooner.

You wash clothes using your washing machine, but washing machine needs washing too. It can be done using a damp cloth; just wipe the outer body of the machine without using any cleaning chemical or liquid. This will remove any marks or strains outside the unit. Experts suggest running an empty washing cycle every 45-60 days to remove any powder/chemical buildup on the inside of the unit. Using a machine cleanser with hot water on an empty cycle will help in getting rid of foul smell and bacteria.

As a regular practice, you should make sure to always close the lid properly after every lid, this makes sure that moisture inside the unit does not evaporate. Leaving wet clothes inside the machine over long period may leave bad odor on the washed clothes as well as on the machine. Washing rubber seals on the machine regularly and checking the filters every month are some of the practices you should follow to keep your machine in healthy state.
If you observe that your machine is shaking or moving too much during spin cycle, make sure that it is standing level on the floor. If all four legs are not level, it will result in strong vibration. These vibrations are not good for the machine as it may lead to development of mechanical faults in long run. Putting excessive clothes inside the washing machine may also cause the unit to vibrate.

If your machine develops some minor faults, make sure to fix them in time as it may lead to some major fault in future. Do make sure to get the repair work done from authorized personnel only. It is important to choose a washing machine for home which come with warranty and cover repair cost for near future. If you would like to suggest some more tips and tricks to extend the life of home appliance, do share them in the comment box below.


Is it worth spending more for energy efficient appliances?

Is it worth spending more for energy efficient appliances?

As the governments around the world become more serious and stringent about energy efficiency, the manufacturers are spending more on R&D to create environment friendly products which consume less electricity. The Governments make energy standards more efficient forcing companies to improve the efficiency of their products. As you must have observed already the prices for high energy rating products are higher as compared to other products. Many consumers get confused whether to spend more on products with higher energy efficiency or setter for ones with lower ratings.


According to one of leading energy standard “energy star” every year we spend more than $2200 on an average towards our power bill. Out of this amount approximately $300 is spend towards the power consumption of appliances like refrigerator, Oven, vacuum Cleaner, Air conditioner etc.

To arrive at a solution, first thing you should do is analyze your current electricity bills. Consult from your friends and relatives to understand if you are spending more on electricity as compared to average household. If any appliance at your home is more than 8-10 years old, it might be consuming more power than it should. Replacing older appliances (8-10 yr old) will be a good ideas as it will be needing repairs any time sooner and might stop working at the times you need them the most. Instead of spending on repair costs, you can go ahead and buy a newer energy efficient model.

If, on the other hand, you already have a newer appliance which is saving you electricity, there is not much need to upgrade. The only scenario for upgrade will be if there is a model which comes with some advanced energy saving technology that can save you a lot of money in the longer run.

Although, it is a fact that appliances which come with advanced energy saving technology come with a higher price tag, but you should not take this scenario for granted. Usually the higher price tag models come with a lot of extra features which add to the cost. If you shop smartly, you can find energy saving models at reasonable costs that won’t live too big a hole in your pocket. To save cost, you should buy the appropriate sized appliance for your home. Assess your family requirement, and go for bigger size models only if you need them. The large capacity appliances cost more as compared to their small size counterparts.

When choosing new appliance, always try to buy a product from an established brand. Buying from established brands assure peace of mind, as the products are usually high quality and deliver the performance as promised by the brand.


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