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PAVA Jr. is a subdivision of Southern California's largest volunteer organization, Pacific American Volunteer Association (PAVA); it consists of middle school and high school students from all over southern California. PAVA Jr, is divided into 10 divisions according to region, ranging from the Valencia division to the north and the Irvine division to the south.

PAVA Jr. is an educational organization that seeks to transform its students into leaders. PAVA Jr. students attend workshops, which are lead by accomplished and world-renowned figures, to edify their leadership skills. PAVA Jr. also offers students classes such as tennis, fencing, archery, and Korean traditional dance classes. On Saturdays, PAVA Jr. Students experience traditional Asian culture through Samulnori (Korean Drumming) workshops.

Students who have mastered Samulnori perform annually at the Kodak Theatre. Kodak Theatre (where the Oscars take place) is a theatre in which dreams come to life. PAVA believes that performing at the Kodak Theatre will transform the lives of its students and inspire them to greatness as they mature into adults.

Other popular programs, such as archery, were developed to help students improve their concentration. The archery program in particular is so popular that, even though there are 10 archery classes, students are still put on waiting lists. PAVA also offers classes in fencing, an Olympic sport that is relatively unavailable in the United Sates. This graceful sport develops creativity and athleticism and promotes mental health and good manners.

Tennis, another popular program, is a program offered jointly with the American Tennis Association. Tennis promotes physical health and, through teamwork, a healthy sense of community.

PAVA Jr. students learn to adopt humanism through their volunteer work, which often is recognized, through awards, by the mayor, councilmember, county supervisor, congressman, and the President. PAVA Jr. students build their leadership skills through various PAVA-offered leadership workshops. Moreover, students make lasting friendships through PAVA activities and events.

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