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Stepping Forward to Improve the Community

1. Organizations that work together with PAVA

City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, Heal the Bay, Brotherhood Crusade, Mothers in Action, NAACP, Red Cross, St. Vincent Medical Center, Thai Community, Urban Semillas, Symphony in the Glen, LAFD, USC Hospital.


Many in Los Angeles consider earthquakes their biggest concern. However, domestic and forest fires are potentially just as devastating. CERT and LAFD works to assist people who are vulnerable to fires. Eighty nine students have mastered the 6 week program to help the community with both minor and major disasters. CERT also organizes dinners with the LA fire department to have dinner to recognize and build strong friendship with the firefighters who risk their lives to protect our homes.

3. Friends Serving Friends

Every year, 100 to 200 PAVA volunteers work with Mothers In Action, an African-American Organization, to provide the homeless with warm food and health checkups. Through these events PAVA participants have also become awakened to the community's difficulties.

4. Back to School Health Family Festival

Back to School Health Family Festival is held annually on the last Saturday of Autust. PAVA works together with African American community organizations, Brotherhood Crusade, and Mother In Action. This event serves approximately 20,000 people, bringing together the various communities of Southern California.

5. Bridging of 2 Communities (BO2C)

This event brings together the distinct traditions and cultures of the various communities of Southern California. This event showcases many unique cultures and ethnic foods. BO2C plays a major role in bringing together the Asian, Latino, and African American commutnies.

6. Annual Feed the Homeless

December is the most difficult month for the homeless; they long for family and warm meals. During this month, PAVA prepares warm meals, socks, and underwear for the homeless.

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